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Lime Wash Maestros: Honouring Heritage

Navigating lime wash complexities can seem daunting, until the key to immaculate execution is discovered.

Throughout our journey, we’ve experimented with a plethora of materials and traditional methodologies, pursuing the ideal, enduring, top-notch finish.

In this pursuit, we uncovered a hidden gem.

Reach out to us to unravel more.

Original Lime Wash Excellence for Listed Properties Only!

We pride ourselves on our commitment to authenticity. When we say lime wash, we mean the genuine article, not a Berwick or any other imitation. Our team only applies this traditional finish if real lime is already present on the wall, adhering strictly to time-honoured techniques. This ensures the highest quality, most harmonious results for your cherished listed buildings.

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Everything Bespoke For YOU.

Lime wash is our forte

With experience spanning over 40 years, our experienced team can provide you with bespoke decorating options. These include:

Very few companies can offer the level of painting we provide and we specialise in very unique techniques. These techniques enable us to decorate your property to the very highest standard, with a level of professionalism and appearance that is very hard to match.

Limewash was not designed to paint newly plastered, walls it is a translucent material applied using traditional techniques, mainly for listed buildings.

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Professionally trained in painting and decorating, with a combined experience of over 120 years.

We work alongside you and guarantee a first class service.